Sunday, December 6, 2009

Train Your dog And Puppy Learn The Secrets of Becoming a Canine Supertrainer

Authors Morten Egtvedt and Cecilie Koeste 


Morten and Ceci have 19 years of experience with training search and rescue dogs. In addition to competing with her dogs, Cecilie competes in show jumping with her two clicker trained horses. Morten also has trained dogs approved for military service for 13 years and is a certified dog training instructor in the Norwegian Army. Morten and Cecilie run a clicker training school - in 21 cities 

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Did you know that regardless of whether you have just gotten your first puppy or whether you are already an experienced dog owner or trainer - learning Clicker Training could change your life?  Everything you have heard about clicker training until now may be just the tip of the iceberg? most people using clicker training today never really unleash the full potential of this powerful technology?  that is going to change for you, my friend. introducing you to our bestselling dog training book: Clickertraining the 4 Secrets of Coming a Super trainer

Today the book has sold more than 45000 hard copies and has become the #1 clicker training resource in the Nordic countries.
And best of all - you can download it to your computer right now!! In 5 minutes you can be on your way to becoming a super trainer! Become a positive dog trainer. Clickertraining. Use clicker training and you'll find it to be extremely effective. In clicker training you wont need to lure or bribe your dog. Keep your treats hidden in your pocket until your dog offers the right behavior on his own, then you click and treat. This is a huge difference! find out more with
Very soon you will discover that your dog has become a LEAN, MEAN LEARNING MACHINE capable of learning new behaviors and tricks in record time! You won´t believe how fun dog training can be.

Some thing's In The Book Clickertraining The 4 Secrets Of becoming A Supertrainer

    imgClicker training can give you excellent, reliable behaviors. It can also give you something no other    training method can: 
    imgA happy and competent learner ready to learn new behaviors in record time! Plus more
    imgThis accelerated learning capacity is what makes clicker training so fascinating. Plus more 
    imgExplains in great detail the principles of clicker training and the theory behind this effective method.  Plus A Lot More Here

    Expert review #1

    "I am thrilled that my students and colleagues now have access to the English translation of this terrific book. Morten and Cecilie are outstanding trainers, but beyond that, they are smart and careful writers. Their guidance for dog-owners just beginning to learn about clicker training is clear, practical and fun to read. In addition, experienced clicker trainers will find enough nuggets of wisdom to more than compensate for the purchase price. How lucky we are to have a compassionate alternative to all the misguided and punitive advice that passes for dog-training in the United States these days."
    Kathy. S. CAAB

    Expert review #2

    "This book is now required reading for all instructors at Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. in California.
    After having incorporating clicker training into our program for the past several years, we have been searching for theoretical educational materials to base our instructional modules on. This book offers a very nice balance between clicker theory and practical implementation.
    It gives just enough theory to provide an understanding of the process but not so much that it overwhelms the reader. The theory is presented in a lively, open-minded and interactive way with well-placed graphics. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to understand the clicker process."
    Kathy Kelly, Guide Dogs for the Blind,

    A great training method and a skilled trainer together is what makes dog training magic. It is NOT magic. It is science. And after reading our book you will master that science. We want you to be able to train every behavior you want, and solve every new problem you might face in the future - on your own!